Coastal zone
The Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 gave Local Authorities greater statutory obligations in respect of the Coastal Zone. However, sourcing the data required to fulfil these new responsibilities can be expensive.

MarineFIND’s WMS/WMS-T and WMS-F web based data delivery services provide a cost effective solution. Data sourced in this way is constantly updated and therefore supports better decision making. It also gives Local Authorities the information necessary to engage effectively with user groups and businesses with special interests in the marine environment. Many Local Authorities could access all relevant charts and data for less than £200.

NGOs and charities involved in the marine planning process also need data to support their input. Whether it’s for web applications or GIS solutions, MarineFIND offers instant access to cost effective data. Contact us now for more information.

“The NWIFCA uses MarineFIND to supply admiralty charts on demand via a WMS feed. This means that the maps are always up-to-date and there’s no need to worry about licencing issues. We worked with MarineFIND to create a bespoke package which ensures that we only pay for what we need. The systems was easy to set up and it’s simple to use. We’re very pleased and would recommend this service.”

– Abigail Leadbeater, Science Officer
NW Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (NW-IFCA)
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