By using the characteristic of differential spectral absorption, accurate bathymetric data can be derived from a range of satellite imagery systems.

Satellite derived bathymetry from EOMAP and MarineFIND

This method is extremely cost effective for a wide range of coastal projects, and can allow clients to prioritise coastal survey effort or in some cases eliminate it altogether.  This results in significant cost savings in terms of field survey costs and expedited project delivery.


Data produced is typically at a 15m, 2m or 3m spatial resolution.  Accuracy of the derived DEM is 10% of water depth, up to a maximum penetration depth of 20m.

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Other Satellite derived datasets:

  • Water quality, distinguished by:
    • Total Suspended Matter
    • Turbidity
    • Chlorophyll a
    • Yellow substance
    • Fluorescence Water depth
  • Seafloor/Benthic mapping
  • Subsurface Reflectance
  • Oil Spill Mapping / Land Cover Mapping

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