26 August 2014

Ocean bouy

MarineFIND is pleased to announce the launch of a range of new data and services:

MetOcean data – Working with an Australian partner, MarineFIND can provide global, regional and high resolution data for a variety of MetOcean factors. These include wave height, tidal and current data, surface weather forecasting and 3D current data. This data is available in GRB format or as part of our range of WMS services.
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Sedimentation data – By working in association with a partner in the USA, MarineFIND has gained access to the largest global database of offshore borehole and marine sediment sampling data. This data can be used to develop comprehensive GIS products highlighting at least 12 critical marine sedimentation factors including Folkes classification, sheer strength and depth of cover. This data is invaluable when planning seabed operations such as pipeline and cable routing.
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Expanded marine themes coverage – Our coverage of OceanWise marine themes GIS feature data has been dramatically expanded. It now includes all French waters, Baltic and Norway, Red Sea and increased coverage in areas of the Mediterranean. We’ll soon be adding all French overseas territories.
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