4 August 2013

The UKHO has announced the withdrawal of ARCS Skipper for chart services later this year:

Admiralty Press Release: ARCS Skipper withdrawn from service (pdf)

This will force users of Raster Charts in GIS applications to migrate to ARCS Navigator.

Unfortunately, this means that many users will see a significant annual increase in Raster Chart costs. This will particularly affect those who currently use ARCS for GIS.

Fortunately, MarineFIND has developed a cost effective solution.

MarineFIND’s WMS Chart Service feeds direct to any desktop and is fully compatible with any GIS system. It delivers:

  • Automatic transformation of charts into any native projection
  • Fully licensing for desktop use
  • Fully licensing for printing for reports and other documents
  • Flexible regional coverage
  • Cost effective enterprise licensing options
  • Full online tracking to enable clients to obtain monthly reports of user activity

Our WMS Chart Service is already being used by a number of companies and agencies involved in the offshore marine Industry.

If you are interested in hearing more about these services send us your details using the contact form at this link.

“The MarineFIND WMS has proved to be a great option for Fugro EMU’s source of Raster Charts. Quick and easy to use, the WMS provides high quality charts in a format that integrates well within our GIS systems. We have found the service flexible, with MarineFIND able to customise the feeds to suite our specific requirements, and time-saving as all chart licensing agreements are in place, which is a major benefit.”
– Richard Marlow, Senior GIS Consultant, FUGRO EMU

>Read more about the MarineFIND WMS chart service

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