From £ 40.00 per 0.5 deg Tile

British Isles, French waters, Baltic, Norway, Red Sea & NW Europe. Other International areas on request.

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Marine Themes comprises authoritative data from the UK and other best available sources, engineered into logical data layers for easy loading and efficient use in GIS. This makes for comprehensive, flexible and intelligent marine mapping at an attractive price.

The data layers provide a comprehensive marine map and are ideal for applications where features need to be selectively displayed or analysed to create derived outputs or as a reference base for alternatively sourced or additional data layers.

Suitable symbology is provided as standard (e.g. ESRI Layer Files) meaning that the data is ready for immediate use in GIS. Alternative symbology can be provided on request. Marine Themes includes:

  • Elevation
  • Shipwrecks and Obstructions
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Transport
  • Administrative and Management Units
  • Geographical Regions
  • Geology

Certain data sets can also be supplied as individual data layers.

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