From £ 40.00 per 0.5 deg Tile

British Isles. Other areas are in development and may be available on request​.


Marine Themes Digital Elevation Model (DEM) comprises a gridded (raster) dataset of seabed elevation relative to a specified datum. The surface has been created from hydrographic survey and chart derived data depending on the data available for a particular area and has a resolution of 1 and 6 arc seconds, which is approximately 30 and 180 m, respectively. The 1 arc second DEM is provided as individually named half degree tiles and the 6 arc second as individually named two degree tiles. Depending on the resolution of input data the 1 arc second DEM is not available for all areas. Data can be supplied in a variety of digital formats.

Typical sources of data used in the creation of the DEM include:

  • Civil and Military Survey Programmes
  • Port and Harbour Authorities
  • Pipeline, cable and other site surveys from industry
  • Output from scientific and environmental studies and surveys
  • Compilations of the above used in the creation of ENCs

All of the above sources have been quality controlled, so only those verified as fit for use in charting were used in the creation of the DEM. Whilst Navigational Users are permitted to use all Hydrographic Office data under SOLAS requirements, commercial users of the data may be restricted in access by Copyright and Security considerations. At MarineFIND we work with our RNC and Nautical Vector data provider, OceanWise, to ensure that our users have access to the widest range of marine data on the market. Wherever permitted, the most up to date, highest resolution data has been used in DEM creation.

For clients who require more detailed resolution we are able to supply original XYZ survey point data.

Data can also be provided as a Tile Mapping Service for use in online web applications.

Data also available as a free WMS feed, contact us for more information.