UK and Ireland Geology

As an authorised reseller for the BGS, FIND Mapping Ltd, is able via its MarineFIND brand to offer a number of BGS Marine Datasets. Critically, these are supplied to clients without applying the licence administration fees associated with ordering directly from the BGS


This is a comprehensive 1:250,000 scale product detailing offshore geology, compiled by the BGS. Data is derived from ship board geophysical surveys conducted by the BGS.

Sample Data DigRock250


The sea-bed sediments theme is only mapped offshore, where it commonly forms a veneer on the sea bed. The map is based on sea-bed grab samples of the top 0.1 m, combined with cores and dredge samples as available. A standard Folk triangle classification has been used based on the gravel percentage and the sand to mud ratio.

Sample Data DigSBS250

Coverage for DigRock 250 and DigBath250 data 


Useful as a general planning bathymetry dataset for UK, Ireland and NE European waters. DigBath250 is a vector attributed digital bathymetry of United Kingdom (UK) and adjacent European waters. Its purpose is to provide a regional scale digital bathymetry as a primary dataset for geographic information systems (GIS), mapping and modelling of the sea bed and sub sea bed. It may also be useful for regional scale tidal, current and water column modelling. It has been produced to a specification for non-navigation applications only. The coverage of DigBath250 Version 2.0 includes the whole of the UK continental shelf and slope and extends into adjacent European waters to cover the whole of the Irish Sea and North Sea.

DigBathy250 coverage

Other Data

With our close relationship with the BGS we are able to source other data for our clients including offshore borehole data, Marine Gravity Data and offshore AeroMagnetic data.

Sedimentation data

By working in association with a partner in the USA, MarineFIND has gained access to the largest global database of offshore borehole and marine sediment sampling data. This data can be used to develop comprehensive GIS products highlighting at least 12 critical marine areas.

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