Icons licensed under Creative Commons:

Oil Platform by Patrick Trouvé from The Noun Project

Network by MikaDo Nguyen from The Noun Project

Treasure Map by Guillaume Kurkdjian from The Noun Project

Mouse designed by Jon Testa from The Noun Project

Photos used under Creative Commons:

Selkirk settler II, Some rights reserved by Tuftronic10000

Sea Ice in the Chukchi Sea, Some rights reserved by NASA

Phytoplankton in the Sea of Okhotsk, Some rights reserved by NASA
Phytoplankton in the Sea of Okhotsk

California Coastal NM, Some rights reserved by Bureau of Land Management
Coastal zone

Ship under the Westgate bridge at night with a Tug assisting, Some rights reserved by David Wallace
Ship under the Westgate bridge at night with a Tug assisting

Empty Bempton Cliffs Seascape, Some rights reserved by Edward Townend
Empty Bempton Cliffs Seascape

The Morro Bay MB Buoy and Seven Sisters Morros, Some rights reserved by Mike Baird
Ocean bouy

Container Cranes at Sunsets, Some rights reserved by InAweofGod’sCreation
Container Cranes at Sunset


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