MarineFIND and EOMAP pool expertise to produce easy access marine bathymetry data

8 December 2014
Satellite derived bathymetry from EOMAP and MarineFIND

Working together, EOMAP GmbH & Co KG and MarineFIND, the specialist marine data and service division of FIND Maps, have formed a partnership to offer easy access to coastal high resolution and global bathymetry. Collecting nearshore zone bathymetry data has, until recently, been an expensive undertaking. However, advances in the processing of satellite imagery means that low-cost, accurate, high resolution bathymetry to a depth of 20m is now available. The…

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Get a cost-effective replacement for ARCS Skipper before the transition period ends

25 November 2014
Image © Crown Copyright, 2013. All Rights reserved. Licence no. EMS-EK001. Not to be used for navigation

Last year ARCS Skipper was officially withdrawn, but existing users were allowed a transition period. This is due to finish by the end of 2014. The consequences of this mean that users will have to pay full commercial rates for Raster Charts which will result in significant increase in data overheads. Fortunately, MarineFIND has developed a cost effective solution – the WMS Chart Service. This supplies feeds directly to any desktop…

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New on MarineFIND: MetOcean and sedimentation data, expanded Marine themes

26 August 2014
Ocean bouy

MarineFIND is pleased to announce the launch of a range of new data and services: MetOcean data – Working with an Australian partner, MarineFIND can provide global, regional and high resolution data for a variety of MetOcean factors. These include wave height, tidal and current data, surface weather forecasting and 3D current data. This data is available in GRB format or as part of our range of WMS services. >Read…

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60% discount on WMS/WMS-T feeds for local government, NGOs and charities

4 July 2014
Coastal zone

The Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 gave Local Authorities greater statutory obligations in respect of the Coastal Zone. However, sourcing the data required to fulfil these new responsibilities can be expensive. MarineFIND’s WMS/WMS-T and WMS-F web based data delivery services provide a cost effective solution. Data sourced in this way is constantly updated and therefore supports better decision making. It also gives Local Authorities the information necessary to engage…

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MarineFIND’s replacement for ARCS Skipper

4 August 2013
Desktop GIS using marine data

The UKHO has announced the withdrawal of ARCS Skipper for chart services later this year: Admiralty Press Release: ARCS Skipper withdrawn from service (pdf) This will force users of Raster Charts in GIS applications to migrate to ARCS Navigator. Unfortunately, this means that many users will see a significant annual increase in Raster Chart costs. This will particularly affect those who currently use ARCS for GIS. Fortunately, MarineFIND has developed…

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